Accepted Papers

Accepted Papers

1. In rDNS We Trust: Revisiting a Common Data-Source’s Reliability

(T. Fiebig, K. Borgolte, S. Hao, C. Kruegel, G. Vigna, A. Feldmann)

2. Revisiting the Privacy Implications of Two-Way Internet Latency Data

(B. Trammell, M. Kühlewind)

3. Detecting ICMP Rate Limiting in the Internet

(H. Guo, J. Heidemann)

4. Characterization of Collaborative Resolution in Recursive DNS Resolvers

(R. Al-Dalky, K. Schomp)

5. Internet Protocol Cameras with No Password Protection: An Empirical Investigation

(H. Xu, F. Xu, B. Chen)

6. Narrowing the gap between QoS metrics and Web QoE using Above-the-fold metrics

(D. Hora, A. Asrese, V. Christophides, R. Teixeira, D. Rossi, D. Neves da Hora)

7. Fury Route: Leveraging CDNs to Remotely Measure Network Distance

(M. Flores, A. Wenzel, K. Chen, A. Kuzmanovic)

8. A closer look at IP-ID behavior in the Wild

(F. Salutari, D. Cicalese, D. Rossi, D. Cicalese)

9. Leveraging interdomain stability for BGP dynamics analysis


10. On the Characteristics of Language Tags on the Web

(J. Sommers)

11. A First Look at QUIC in the Wild

(J. Rüth, I. Poese, C. Dietzel, O. Hohlfeld)

12. Characterizing a Meta-CDN

(T. Zimmermann, J. Rüth, K. Wolsing, O. Hohlfeld)

13. The (thin) Bridges of AS Connectivity: Measuring Dependency using AS Hegemony

(R. Fontugne, A. Shah, E. Aben)

14. TCP CUBIC versus BBR on the Highway

(F. Li, J. Chung, X. Jiang, M. Claypool)

15. The Unintended Consequences of Email Spam Prevention

(S. Scheffler, S. Smith, Y. Gilad, S. Goldberg)

16. In Log We Trust: Revealing Poor Security Practices with Certificate Transparency Logs and Internet Measurements

(O. Gasser, B. Hof, M. Helm, M. Korczynski, R. Holz, G. Carle)

17. Revealing the load balancing behavior of YouTube Traffic on interdomain links

(R. Mok, V. Bajpai, A. Dhamdhere, k. claffy)

18. Server-side Adoption of Certificate Transparency

(C. Nykvist, L. Sjöström, J. Gustafsson, N. Carlsson)

19. RARE: A Systematic Augmented Router Emulation for Malware Analysis

(A. Darki, C. Chuang, M. Faloutsos, Z. Qian, H. Yin)

20. Mobile Content Hosting Infrastructure in China: A View from a Cellular ISP

(Z. Li, D. Yang, Z. Li, C. Han, G. Xie)